Animela Festival

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About AniMela

A Celebration of Animation, Gaming, VFX, Comics, XR and More!

The AniMela Festival is India’s first International Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comics & XR Festival, aimed at promoting and developing various visual arts and technologies, including animation, VFX, XR, gaming, and comics in India.

The inaugural edition of the festival took take place from 18th to 21st January 2024 at the NFDC’s Films Division premises in Mumbai.

This world-class annual festival is designed to showcase the latest advancements and creative works in the field of animation and other visual arts. In addition to the main festival, AniMela will also organize smaller events, activities, and workshops throughout the year to provide a platform for professionals, students, and enthusiasts to engage, learn, and network within the industry.


The festival’s comprehensive program will feature a diverse range of activities, including film screenings, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, making it a significant and inclusive event for the animation, VFX, gaming, comics, and XR communities in India. The festival aims to encourage and help develop films by Indian filmmakers and other young talents within the AVGC-XR industry. AniMela is truly an event by the industry, for the industry.


AniMela Festival is created and run by Aniverse and Visual Arts Foundation (AVAF)​

Aniverse and Visual Arts Foundation (AVAF) is a Not-for-Profit organisation dedicated to pursuing artistic and public service goals that enrich, educate, and entertain as well as ignite cultural dialogue, and celebrate cinematic excellence in any language.


AVAF is not the solution, but the catalyst. We plan to create a marketplace where AVGC-XR artists can pitch to producers, financiers, broadcasters, gaming companies and all stakeholders to create world beating content that will stamp India’s creative and innovative presence world over.


We envision that the best global talent, mentors and prodigies will converge at India to participate in AniMela. We are committed to ensure that the event and the experience will be transformative in its impact and optics to establish brand India as a respectable, serious world leader in the AVGC-XR industry.

*Set up under Section 8 of India’s new Companies Act of 2013.